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    How to recolur the PA-14 "56 Henry" Family Cruiser

    OK Bengt, and others. Here's a quick tutorial on how to recolour the PA-14 model in 1:48 (and other similar models). It's easy if you have Photoshop (which I will use for the demonstration) or similar. Many models will benefit greatly from at change of nuances.

    By the way, and before we start, a greenish look on your screen might not translate into the same when you print. I was surprised by how golden my printout of the recoloured 1:87 version turned out, compared to the screen impression. So you may wish to make a test print of the freeware 1:48 model by J. Cookson "as is", before you start fiddling around.

    But who can resist the temptation to improve an already good model, right? So here goes:

    1. Open the downloaded pdf file in Photoshop. I suggest you specify 300 dpi for a suitable resolution, but that's up to you. Save it as a Photoshop, .psd, file. First, use the stamp tool to clean up the promotion text on the right aileron (see attached images below, for an illustration of each step).

    2. Next, shift-click with the magic wand tool in all yellow areas to make a combined selection which captures most or all of the yellow parts. I used a sensitivity of 20. It's not the end of the world if you don't get every little yellow part into the selection, since we are just going to overlay the original sheet with a slightly warmer tone of yellow.

    3. Now SAVE that selection, in order to be able to bring it up at the next stage.

    4. Create a new layer. This is where we are going to add the new nuance, which will be transparent, so we don't lose any of the details and shadings in the original sheet. Bring out the selection you saved, and fill it with a sampled shade of yellow (from a photo, or mixed up on your own). Now FILL the selection with that nuance of yellow, in the new layer. This way we leave the original completely intact.

    5. Experiment with the degree of opacity in the new layer, until you are satisfied with the result. I used a yellow which was sampled from the fin, and 25 percent opacity of the overlay.

    Now do the same with the second parts sheet. And you are done! (Took me about half an hour). I left the yellow of the instruction part in the original shade, so that you can compare.

    This is the quick and dirty method of recolouring, which can be used when you just want to change a nuance or shade of the original colouring.

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    Cowl Differences

    Hi Leif,

    I agree that without the same perspective view it's hard to tell but I believe the PA-14 cowl is a bit more streamlined than the -12. Look at the carburetor air sccoop on the -14. It seems to be missing on the -12. Also notice the side air outlets where the sheetmetal meets the fuselage at the firewall. The PA-12 has air outlets whereas the -14 appears to have a greatly reduced exhaust outlet. I also noticed the door differences but couldn't pick out enough detail in the dark blue of the first photo to be completely sure.

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    Photoshop Recolouring Tutorial

    Hello Leif,

    Thanks for the pedagogical recolouring tutorial!
    I will certainly try this refined layer method myself. I have tried some simple but effective recolourings and contrast alterations, using the lasso tool to outline individual parts, but this approach is a more professional one.

    All the best,
    Bengt :smile:
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    In PS 6 I am able to select a color and I find that, that works nicely for me. Instead of the shift-magic wand.

    But Leif said the magic word............ layers. This makes everything easier once you remember to use seperate layers.

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