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    1:16 is double 1:25 is it not? so if i was scaling up a kit the 1mm card would become 2mm? and what pecentage would i use for doubling the printout scale 200%?
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    the double of 25th scale is 12.5 scale ie 200% or did you mean to double 25th scale to get 1/50 scale?
    The smaller the number after the stroke = bigger model:thumb:,
    the larger the number after the stroke = smaller model
    Hope this helps
    1/16 scale model is not twice the size of the 1/25 model.

    depending on your model I would stay with 1mm for the skins & if a boat use 2mm on the hull formers or aircraft formers.
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    25 / 16 x 100 = 156.25%


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    i didnt think 1:16 was double 1:25 :rolleyes: its for a project i would like to start ..converting modelcard/modeliks a7v to a large scale rc tank the 1/16 is not really an issue i wanted to build the structure with 2mm perspex(which i have lots of) which would be double the 1mm used by the model at 1:25,building cardmodel style that is creating a strong frame and them skining with thin styrene cut into panels which basicly means taking the mesurements of everthing and doubling it
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    You might invest in a ModelCalc (brand name). It does all the conversions for you.
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