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    Approximately what scale is this?

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    More Information

    The first photograph is a model of the Athens Parthenon. I assume that the scale of the second photo, the Notre Dame, is identical.

    The actual temple is 69.5 m (width) x 30.9 m (depth) x 13.72 m (height)
    That would be 228 ft (width) x 101 ft (depth) x 45 ft (height)

    The model is 22.35" (width) x 14.5" (depth) x 6.6" (height)

    Thank you kindly in advance.
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    That is the Coca Cola Scale :D

    69,5 m / 0,567 m = 122, so the scale is somewhere around there (1:120 - 1:130, approx.).
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    Another Quick Question

    Thank you so much!

    May I also ask approximately what scale this is?

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    Lol, I think you were right the first time

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