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  1. I just bought some ConCor Superliner cars, and replacing the stock horn couplers with some Kadees. I've never messed around with couplers this long, so I decided to ask you guys. I was looking on Kadees website, at the Kadee #20 NEM 362 Extra Long couplers, but they didn't look long enough. I was wondering if any of you had experince in this? Thanks in advance for any answers.

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    The Kadees might be made long enough to get a "protypical" spacing between the cars. The original horn hook couplers are designed for the smaller radius 18" curves that are typically found on most model railroads. With the KD's, you might have to go to a 22" radius or larger curve.
    If you want to replace the horn hooks with KD's, KD does make a conversion kit that will replace the horn hooks, but keep the original swing arm. The number is their 27.

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