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Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by John1968, Jul 28, 2006.

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  1. John1968

    John1968 New Member

    Hi guys just a quick hello, I'm admin and founder of www.scale-models.co.uk and found this site thanks to GEEDUBBYA bringing it to our attention, I already have seen a few familiar names and hope to get to know a few more of you, I've already found my first project when looking at a post by thewoodengraver it lead me to wood_e :) nice and simple to start with 8)


  2. GT5500

    GT5500 Member

    Hi there and welcome to the forum, I think you will like this forum very much, I see you have made a card models section on your forum. I also see that GW and the Webdude have posted a load of great links for you. I think card modelling is a great way for people like myself to get into scale modelling as there are lots of people like me that can't paint that well (ok I can paint well but I always get fingerprints in the paint!). For me card models are the best thing I have found, they are the only models that I start and can't bear to leave unfinished!. I will use your site though for pointers when it comes to weathering and I may even end up building a plastic kit and finishing it.
  3. John1968

    John1968 New Member

    I have and they have :) I made a section on the forum for card models by request of one of the existing members, he, like me found it to be another good avenue for modelling, no matter if we use card, plastic, wood, metal of any other sort of material we all are doing the same thing and something we enjoy, modelling :)
  4. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    Welcome, John!

    Welcome to the forum John!
    I too became a member of your site and am enjoying it immensely!
    I am sure you will find plenty of good models among these threads and all the help and advice you could ever want as well!
    Enjoy your stay and I look forward to seeing you around the forum!

  5. John1968

    John1968 New Member

    and for my first attempt meet wood_e :)
    View attachment 2167

    OK Not brilliant but it's my first try and I only had 70gsm paper, but it's a start :)

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  6. milhistory

    milhistory Member

    Your first build is better than my first build, a Fiddler's Green House on copy paper that could not hold the weight of the enormous amount of glue I used.

    Welcome to the forum.

  7. thewoodengraver

    thewoodengraver Active Member

    WOW! he's CUTE! lol
    Thank you John_UK! I am very honored.
    Welcome to the forum! I have been meaning to visit your website but my new book has most of my spare time consumed. I WILL come by and greet you all soon I SWEAR!

    Looks like we have a new cardmodeler added to our ranks! Good job on that ADORABLE 'lil critter!:grin:
  8. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    That guy looks familiar, hmmm....:)

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy John,

    Glad to see, you are getting aquainted with the fine folks over here, now, I reckon its time for me to "prod" these folks over to http://www.scale-models.co.uk/ . I am sure they all have "meant" to get over there, their house probably caught fire or the continent they were on sank into the Ocean. Whatever the the reason they have for not visiting http://www.scale-models.co.uk/ I am sure its a good one. (I figure maybe laying a guilt trip on them will get them over there lol).
    Seriously folks, if you havent visited there, drop by, say hello and get to know some of the people there, they are good people too and you will probably see a few familiar faces while you are there.
    Anyway I will leave it at that, the invitation is open, only you can answer it.

    Have a good day,

  10. wunwinglow

    wunwinglow Active Member

    I'm intrigued to know from where Barry of Warwick got his handle!!! Can I just make it clear we are not the same person!! But I am the same person as 'wunhunglow', a name I take with pride, as it was given to me by the lunatics at the CessPatrol. Any 'Shturmovik' fliers will know of their great deeds, and I flew with them a while back. Happy days. I started using the handle way back when I did a lot of flight sim modelling, as well as on the IPMS forums.

    So Just to make it ABSOLUTELY clear, wunwinglow and wunhunglow are both ME, anything else is, well, someone else! And that stands on eBay too, by the way!!

    Tim of Bristol

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Oh Gawd, you mean there are two of you? lol:)

    Actually I knew that you were two different people, one being Barry and the other being you (Tim). But I think that everyone who meets both of you will see that they are better for it.....well atleast until you pool your resources and decide its time for ya'll to take over the world.

    have a good day,

    Greg aka GEEDUBBYA (GW) <<<<<< the one and only :)
  12. GT5500

    GT5500 Member

    I wonder how many of us Islanders there are now? I am intruiged becuase we only have Marcle models in this country selling paper models yet there seems to be a few of us on this forum. I wouldn't mind starting an online paper model shop for the UK but wouldn't know where to start or how to fund it?
  13. John1968

    John1968 New Member

    I've been designing websites for years and I also run a hosting company so that side of stuff isn't a problem, if you know where to get the supplies then we are part way there :)

    I think you would have to ask Barry about that one :)
  14. wunwinglow

    wunwinglow Active Member

    Hm, yes I suppose I should ask. However, I'd have to register on that forum, and my name has been almost taken, two on the same forum would be a bit confusing; plenty of comedic potential in a Brian Rix Farce sort of way.....

    No, I'd have to register under a different name. 'Barry of Warwick' has quite a Shakespearian ring to it, doth it not? Yes, that will do nicely.....

    wun (the one wun.....)
  15. John1968

    John1968 New Member

    I'm pretty sure there would be no confusion, on www.scale-models.co.uk there is only one wonwinglo :) no offence
  16. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

    ummm Tim,

    wonwinglo also registered here too

  17. Wonwinglo

    Wonwinglo New Member

    Will the real Wonwinglo please stand up !

    Hello everyone,do not take too much notice of the above header as it is only in fun,yes it appears there are two variations of the handle in circulation,and both are active modellers ! I do hope that this has not caused too much confusion as it has only just come to my notice,let me explain during April 2004 I was invited to add a few lines to the forum at Scale-Models.co.uk to add a small input,the site is run by John a computer whizzer,well that small input has turned into some 4,000 posts there so something must be right ? actually the handle goes back much further pre-internet days when I was working for a UK flying club,I had to go along on test flights and now and again we used to get aircraft that flew 'one wing low' get the idea ? from there the handle seemed to stick and it seemed an ideal opportunity to revive it on joining the Scale-Models forum.
    Greg has united us to the card models forum here and in doing so I joined unaware that I would be opening an hornets nest,the revelation of two similar names came as a surprise to me also,but on reflection I do seem to remember him saying something about the handle ? but I think I joined card models also a long while ago and forgot my password,so further confusion ( ever heard of Murphys law !?)
    Anyway I do hope that we can live in harmony,like my namesake here I have become attached to the handle which has brought me into contact with groups like this and hundreds of fellow modellers throughout the world.
    My apologies if I have caused any problems,meanwhile many happy hours of cutting,snipping,folding and glueing.
    From Wonwinglo,in Leafy Warwick,UK.
  18. wunwinglow

    wunwinglow Active Member

    OK, I'll accept that this came about by chance. There is no copyright on these names of course, and I really shouldn't care two hoots, but having been a fairly long-term member of this forum, and several others besides, mostly in the modelling world, and having never come across this issue before, I hope you can understand I was a bit miffed! I'll get the administrator on the other forum to change 'Barry from Warwick' to 'Wunhunglow', then there should be no confusion on that place; but I'm sticking to 'wunwinglow' everywhere else I use it! It has been good to me for over 10 years, and I'm not changing it now!

    Tim P (aka wunwinglow)
  19. John1968

    John1968 New Member

    I think thats the most sensible thing you have said
  20. GT5500

    GT5500 Member

    Thats handy to know, I don't know how much profit you could realistically make out of such a company so I am unsure of how you would fund it? I doubt you could get a loan for a company that will just about break even.
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