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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by ript73, Aug 10, 2005.

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    This is what you want!

    Walthers Trainline
    Trainline(R) Power Pro Diesel Freight Set w/Bachmann E-Z Track(R)

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    In hindsight, from my own personal experience, I would look carefully at the track inculded with any set I purchased. All of the sets usually come with some "prefab" track included. By prefab I mean track with a plastic roadbed subbase attached. There are at least four(4) suppliers of this type of track; Atlas, Bachmann, Kato and LifeLike. None of these suppliers products interchange with the others. If you wish to expand you use their product or start over with another.

    In the Fall 2003 I purchased an Athearn set which at that time included Atlas TruTrack. I was, and still am, satisfied with this product, but have found it difficult to buy locally. The brand primarily stocked around here is Bachmann's EZTrack. Recently, several stores have also been stocking Kato's Unitrack. The least likely to find is LifeLike's PowerLoc. One of the earlier posts mentioned nickel silver not brass. Definitely a must. With PowerLoc you also have to watch out as some of their track is steel.

    Right now I'm spending too much time trying to get a LifeLike PowerLoc section with crossing gates intergrated with my Atlas TrueTrack. I'd stay away from LikeLike sets for this reason alone.

    Most of the other sets are now using Bachmann's EZtrack: Athearn, Bachmann(of course), and Walthers. All of these suppliers, in my opinion, have good starter sets, and a good selection as well. Right now one of the Internet shops, HobbiesUSA, is running a special of 45% off on Bachmann sets stocked by Walthers. See following

    "I am running a special promotion this week on all Bachmann locomotives and train sets for this week only. This is only for power and train sets and it does not include any rolling stock, track, etc. For this week and this week only, all Bachmann engines that WALTHERS has IN STOCK will be discounted 45% off the MSRP. This does not including shipping.

    This special will be in effect until midnight EST, Sunday August 14th. Please e-mail me by then to take me up on this offer. After that the discount on these items goes back to the regular rate.

    HObbiesUSA "

    Good Luck. I certainly have enjoyed my starter set aquisition. It's now grown into a 9x6 layout.

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    you know the other thing you coudl do is literaly make your own trainset. buy the track you want, the trains you want, and any scenery seperately. thats often a better choice than buying a starter set, because you get what you want, at a quality level you want, and you could get more bang for the buck that way.

    thats what i did, because i was short on money and couldn't afford a trainset. it worked out for me!

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