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    ENGINEERBOB - I wanted to use my town names
    SUNNYVALE_PLASTICVALE but it did not let me us that name. I use engineerbob because someone suggested it, I am not a real engineer that drives a train. But I wish I could drive a train cause it looks like all you do is start it the give different speeds & stop it @ a certain point in the station.
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    Welcome to the Big Blue Board. I see you live near where I grew up, Baltimore. Ps. 85:9;)

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    Thanks all for welcoming me to this site!!!

    B&O person hu, I got some free B&O passenger cars. But dad has all my engines, together we both have enough B&O engines to have a B&O YARD [Kind of wish I was a kid again or still live with dad, because when I was a kid. Dad made a switch for A & B power so he can operate 1 train & me another, but now :( all of this is gone. Dad made me [for 24 years now] operate both trains [take it back now, 4 years cause it did not really start till DCC came out.] But were I us to live [3 years ago] I had a big layout & controlled 2 trains & dad wanted me to go to 3 & 4 trains. I tried 3 but 1 kept stopping on me, & I just ran 2 [1 frieght & 1 passenger]. So now I got to try to run 2 engines on a small board, but I got 2 WYES now so I can always switch one if it gets out of hand.

    I got to go now, cause tomorrow I got to do things in my apartment. I do not have a job due to my disability. But I got to do Laundry :)p )
    clean this place up :)p )
    then go for a walk :)cool: )
    then do research for church for this service I am in :)) )
    then maybe watch some train vcr taps :)D )
    then :confused: if I have time & feel like it :)D :D :D :D ) I will get on here [Just figured out why this board is so blue? It is because it may be operated by the B&O railroad or the sysop works with B&O or he/she has B&O trains they model?

    BTW: I love your tag line, but for me it is my life. :p ;)

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