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  1. is o guage able to be used out side in the snow ? or rain or anything like that?
  2. TinGoat

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    The short answer is....


    But it is harder to maintain....

    Little twigs and leaves that G scale can knock out of the way can derail smaller scale trains.

    The track isn't as tough either. So you have to be careful not to step on it.
  3. ok thx

    i cant afford g scale thats y or i would get g but o guage is a little cheaper
  4. TinGoat

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    There are lots of O scale garden railroads.

    Put them in railsed bed gardens so that you can sit in a lawn chair and have the trains go past while you enjoy a cold one on a sunny summer day!

    While sitting next to a raised bed garden, the trains will be close to eye level for great viewing.

    Also, you'll spend less time on your hands and knees if the railroad is raised up where you can easily reach it.

    I'll eventually be doing On30 in the garden....
  5. well im only 14 so i can get on my hands and knees lol
  6. Greg Elems

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    A question for you. Are you using 2 rail or 3 rail O gauge trains? If you are using 3 rail, I might suggest you use the big O gauge track in O72 rather than the track that uses the O27 sized rail. I found also, that dirt is a problem. A possible solution to the dirt, was to use the ground cloth cut into strips about 3" or 4" wide. Lay it in a shallow trench and use clean aquarium gravel for ballast. This would keep weeds from growing up through the track if you leave it down for a while and two, it eliminates the dust for a while. The problem with tin-plate track is rust. If you were to use the Atlas Nickel Silver track, rust won't be the problem. Pretty pricey though. Keep us posted on what you do. I would like to hear your solution.

    Greg Elems
  7. well im ganna modify a tank car and put holes into it so i can fill it with weed killer then i can just drive around and they wont be a prob. the dust i will figure out mabye puting one of those dust clener rags on a box can i dont know
  8. Greg Elems

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    Cool, the weed killer may solve your dust and rust problem too.

    Greg Elems
  9. how? i could mix some wd-40 in with it lol or in a diffrent car that is right behind it
  10. any one want to sell me a cheap cheap engine ? or track

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