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  1. ButchPrice

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    Has anyone else built the Trotskiy P51?
    I have a problem figuring out how to
    assemble the area below center,
    you know, the "underhump".
    Here is a pic of the area I'm talking about,
    sorry to our technical wizards that I am lacking
    for proper nomenclature.

    I "think" the part shown fits into the
    opening, but am unsure how.
    Any hints? I am heading over to look a spec site
    to look at some photos of the P51 underbelly.

    Trotskiy's planes are beautiful. Man I love the graphics.
    Always a challenge when you have no assembly instructions :wink:
  2. ButchPrice

    ButchPrice Member


    Well it IS an air intake as I thought I remembered...
    duh , shaped entirely wrong. Rebending.
    Good reference material is invaluable.
    Still cant figure out the sleeve/liner.
    Probably supposed to have been in there
    before this stage. Ok we will call this a
  3. mark

    mark Member

    can u post please some more good pic?
  4. rowiac

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    I built Trotskiy's previous version of the P-51 a while back. Unfortunately I don't have the model with me to see what I did for the intake scoop.

    But, looking at the parts I think I remember what I did. The part with the 4 thin strips sticking out of it forms the front of the scoop. It needs to be folded over on itself along the red line and glued to give it colored surfaces on both sides. Don't glue the two thin gray strips yet though. You will need to form the piece into a rectangular shape and cover the pale yellow strips with the two gray strips, one on each side. Then you can glue the piece to the fuselage.

    This probably doesn't make much sense, so I'll see if I can get the model back and take some pictures of how I did it. Unfortunately the pictures on Trotskiy's site are too small to be very useful.

    Good luck,

  5. ButchPrice

    ButchPrice Member

    Still helps

    Still helps Roger. At least I know I'm on the right track.
    Thanks for the ideas. I understand the fold on itself,
    but the long tabs are freaking me out. :!:
    They are both gray on one end, both yellow
    at the other. :?: Shouldn't they mirror each side?
    (Like one gray one yellow at one end same at other)

    Sorry for the crappy photo's , my cam blurs like
    you rubbed butter on the lens under 2 feet away. :roll:
    (Still wrestling the device manager to see the new one)

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