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    I would like to buy a Bachmann Consolidated 2-8-0. It is from a private party, and I am not sure about this particular one. It is a "Reading" road name. I can not find anything on this road name from Bachmann. It is "supposed" to be a Spectrum, but I am having my doubts. I am thinking it isn't a Spectrum, but an older Bachmann from a starter set or something. I am thinking it is the not so good quality variety, and not the spectrum quality bachmann. Anybody know anything about the Bachmann Reading 2-8-0 they would like to share? What would be a good price?

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    Could have been an undec, does it look like this?

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  3. Tudor

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    Not sure, havent gotten a pic of it yet. It is long distance, so I am waiting on a picture of it. I know that the Reading road name was used in a "starter" set, and it is not the same standard as the Spectrum series. If it is a spectrum that was purchased as undecorated, and the reading decals applied, that's fine with me. Just not sure if I want to mess with the non-spectrum variety. I really want the spectrum 2-8-0. If it is good enough deal, I may buy it anyway. Just not sure what the non spectrum bachmann 2-8-0 is worth.

    I really dont beleive he is trying to deceive me, I just think he really don't know enough to know there is a differrence between the Spectrum and other Bachmanns.

    Gonna look closely when I get the pic of it.
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    Bachmann's web site does not list Reading as one of the Spectrum road names that is presently available, most likely it from the old run unless it was a custom paint or decal job.
    Go to Bachmann's web site and you can check it
    Hope this helps.

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