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    This can go here or in tech questions. I got a LL N gauge BL2 back just before Christmas that never ran good. I'm normally HO, so N gauge snows me. I finally figured out that one truck does not mesh with the worm gear on either end. The other truck will work good on both ends so it must be the truck assembly. I called Walthers (LL), but people there don't talk, just robots. Does anyone have a part number, or any other suggestions? When I have it tipped up and power up, if I press a bit on the truck assembly, it will run. ?????HELP

    Lynn :curse: :cry: :cry:
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    I'm sorry, I don't have an answer to your Q, just wanted to say that I have two LL BL-2's and they both run very well...the best LL locos I have, in fact. :) Worst case, I suppose you could pick up another one on Ebay cheap and swap the truck assembly out if you can't fix that one. hamr
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    This is a picture of the type of pickup and wheel assembly. Does anyone have a LL N loco with a parts breakdown of this type?


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    Yep. I have an n scale LL SW1200. Need to make sure that the copper leads on the body unit and trucks are in constant contact with each other. May need to pry the body leads up a little with a small screwdriver. Also, make sure all copper leads are clean. Good Luck
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    If the truck will not work at either end i would look close at the tabs on top of gear tower. They must be the same as the truck that does work. Sounds like they are not letting the truck seat all the way. Might be some flash to remove.
    Call Walthers and ask for the service tech dept. I found them to be very good and if you are nice to them they will send you another truck free.

  6. yellowlynn

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    I checked those tabs, and there is no flash. I set the trucks side by side and the troublesome one seems to have a micro-micro difference in the top gear. Just enough smaller that it doesn't mesh with the worm gear unless it is pushed tight. If I call Walthers, I'd like to have the part number. That is why I'm looking for someone that has a parts breakdown of that type.

    Thanks for the hints
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    From the BL2 parts list. Item 9 #571147 Gear set (5pcs) . Includes all gears for one truck. Item 10 #571148 Gear set with pins and gears assembled in housing with tabs.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks, Bob. That's what I needed. I'll try calling Walthers service dept. tomorrow.


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