Question to stripes on WSLC-sceletons

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    Hello loggers,

    I've a question about the two white angeled stripes on Westside-sceletons you can see on the right in the following picture.
    What is the meaning of this stripes or is this only color.
    Thank you ;-)

    picture from
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  3. Waldbahner

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    Hello Marc,

    thank you for the link. This is a great ressource for WSLC-stuff.
    And I've got a answer to my question.

    The "safety stripes" were painted to rolling stock, to make them more vissible at night. The WSLCo has some railroadcrossings over public roads. At night, a logtrain is not easy to see. Particulary an empty train.
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    I think you are looking at the canvase (SP?) cover of the sling used to pick up the log or a block of wood under the sling. If it is the two white slashes in the middle of the car, that is. Huh! Now that I look at it, the sling seems to go under the car a come up on the farside. Strange, as if the were going to pick the car up.


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