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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by hooknlad, Jul 20, 2005.

  1. hooknlad

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    Hello all,
    It's been quite some time that I have included any input in "The Gauge" forums. My question for you technical savvy model railers, If I were to purchase the MRC Prodigy Advance dcc controller, Would I be able to upgrade the "current" output from 3.5 amps to roughly 5 or more amps, by utilizing a transformer rated for not more than the output engineered by MRC? I do not have the MRC unit in my posession, Nor do i have the Maximum specs allowable for doing this. I understand that I could purchase a mated power supply for this system, but I'd like the personal modification aspect of this hobby.

    Thanking you all in Advance for your constructive criticism and engineered input.
  2. fifer

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    Mike , the instructions say you can boost up to 8 amps using their power station 8. But the PS8 says it connects between the orig. booster and the track.
    I can not see why you could not use any 5 amp supply in the same manor as the 3.5 that comes with it. I guess the question would be is 3.5 amps not enough for your size layout? That should easily run 8-10 locos at once.
    Thanks , Mike
  3. CN1

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    I have the PA.

    My layout occupies a room 33 feet X 12 feet. I have 7 locomotives including 1 with sound.

    I have two cabs (Throttle) and 7 plugin. I haven't notice any change in the "power draw/consumption" with the power supply provided.

    There's instruction on how to add more "power" if required. IMHO: I guess you need a pretty big layout and lots of locomotives before it becomes an issue

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