Question of the day 11-09, who do you know?

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    You mean people can be famous without being model railroaders?
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    From the NMRA website

    Model Railroading is not just for Geeks

    Finally, some people may be a bit uncomfortable about "adults playing with toy trains" or may be worried about what their friends and relatives might say. Who cares what they think? But just to set your mind at ease, there are many celebrities who are (or were) also model railrailroaders, such as
    • Winston Churchill
    • Tom Brokaw
    • Phil Collins
    • Joe DiMaggio
    • Walt Disney
    • Michael Gross, the actor
    • Ed Dougherty, the professional golfer
    • Merle Haggard
    • Tom Hanks
    • Elton John
    • Michael Jordan
    • Ricardo Patrese, the Formula-1 race car driver
    • Frank Sinatra
    • Joe Regalbutto, the actor
    • Bruce Springsteen
    • Rod Stewart
    • Donald Sutherland
    • Mel Torme
    • Neil Young, the rock star. He's also a part-owner of Lionel...
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