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  1. I just got A bli paragon PRR j1 2-10-4. The thing is a little stiff on 22 radius, it does not derail but it slows down on the curves. Now on to the question. Do you think that if I took the second set of drivers out and removed the flanges,would it hurt anything? As is, only the center driver is blind. I thought about this because my new m1b only has flanges on the first and last drivers and works great . Or, will it loosen up with some running?
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    Does the manufacturer recommend a minimum radius? Your approach is a bit radical, but would do no harm.
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    :wave: toptrain here ! : For those who want to make any engine run any place having only the first and last driver flanged helps alot. BLI may either provide blind center drivers or make them aviable to purchase. Good track work in the curves and turnouts is a necessity for these modified locomotives. You also can't forget clearance along these locations.
  4. Thanks for the fast replies. They say 22 is ok.
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    I tend to G gauge trains in a pediatric clinic, running about 55 hours weekly. A 48" diameter is minimum for running, but that is all the space I had. I cleaned the tracks (brass) with rubbing alcohol, then put Wahl Clipper Oil before and after each curve. After a couple rounds, they ran quieter, smoother, and faster than before.

    Try a dab of oil on the tracks and see how your loco runs.

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    Yes, the blind drivers should be fine. They probably aren't blind because the prototype's probably weren't blind. For prototypes, the concern with blind drivers is that a 250ton+ locomotive might break a flange and have a catastrophic adding more flanges gives more reliability.

    Ray M is the expert on this stuff...I'd send him a PM...but it seems fine to me
  7. Thanks to all, for your input.

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