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    I am attempting to find my Grandfathers records. He worked for the PRSL from 1918 until 1966(I know the PRSL was formed in 1933, he worked for the Camden AC RR and it's predecessors). Any idea where I might find his records? He started as a fireman and retired as an engineer.
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    Even though I am a PRSL fan (I find your case very interesting), I probably do not know much about the PRSL compared to some. But, I will try to help you. First I would contact the Cape May Seashore Lines (CMSL). If they can't help you, talk to me again.


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    If Lou nor anyone else can help you here, I have two alternative sources that you may want to pursue. I was doing some research on a rail line that crossed Barnegat Bay from Seaside Park to Ocean Gate (this will be in NJ for anyone not familiar) back in the late 40's and everyone was extremely helpful. First you may want to check out another forum, ( dont mean to take anything away from this one ) you can post a message or query and I would venture to guess that someone there could steer you in the right direction ..this would be
    There is one exclusively for New Jersey fans, one for Pennsylvania fans and quite a few others.
    Secondly, I found Steve whose link I will include to be just an awesome source for info. My questions were Ocean County related which is what his site is geared to, but if anyone can help you, I believe he would be your best bet His link follows:
    Hope this helps
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    A follow up to my follow up, one more source you may want to pursue is Geralds Railroads of New Jersey, I'll include the link at the end. His site is extremely informative also. There is a reference to the PRSL and the Cape May Seashore Line that Lou referred to in his reply. This should take you there: click on Links on the left hand side and then find and click Geralds Railroads.
    Again, hope this points you in the right direction.
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    Thank you both for the leads! I'll check them out and let you know if I find anything.


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