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  1. Where do you get your DCC components, if you buy them online? I'm sure your local hobby shops are great for track and trains, and probably most DCC components, but if I need a specific component I might need to look at online stores. I've seen several online stores, but the problem is I live in Toronto and anything shipped from the US comes across the border, which means customs fees out the wazoo for electronics! :curse: Where do you fellow Canucks get your DCC equipment I'm wondering? Thanks!
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    I can get pretty much anything I need from my local store, and you can too - started as a mail order business, and I am sure Jeff would be happy to send stuff via Canada Post to you... ;)

    One strictly mail order business that has good prices, but an uneven inventory is His contact info is current, even if the rest of the site is not.

    Anything else I need can be got from one or two of the DCC gurus in our local club(s).

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    Hi Try Modellers Choice in Hamilton. They have a web address and their prices are very competitive.
    Their phone number is 905 574-3322

  4. Excellent links, thanks a bunch!
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    I would buy anything that complicated from a shop that I can get to if anything goes wrong, certainly for the main controls and first few chips. I don't think the shop markups are much worse than the government gouge coming over the border.
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    Here in the states, Tony's is the best! I bet they ship north of the border.
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    Yes, they do. But we get dinged at the border with brokerage charges, GST and PST sales taxes. If we look around for a sale, we can get the same thing at a cheaper price and save all the hassles of bringing the stuff across the border.

    Sometimes we can "sneak" the stuff across the border with a sneak attack (oops, there's that bad word) to New York state. However, with the hassles we face going into the US, it's sometimes not worth the trip. Wish the border patrols would lighten up sometime so that we could do more buying and railfanning in the US of A and be able to get together with some of you guys, eh?

    Bob M.

    Bob M.
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    Credit Valley Railroad in Mississauga also has a good selection, as does Trains on Brant in Burlington... both carry n-scale decoders in significant quantity as well. I find their prices to be pretty good as well all things considered. Modeller's Choice is cheaper on some things, and the other two are cheaper on others. I was at MC today, and noticed that for most things they were more expensive than both Credit Valley and Trains on Brant...

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