Question:F-15 ACTIVE and F-15 S/MTD's Nozzles

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by PModel Rookie, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. PModel Rookie

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    Just curious:

    Is the rectangular or the circular nozzle is the MTD's?or the ACTIVE's?:confused:

    Help is appreciated,
    Please and thanks,
  2. chooch.42

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    Looks like your rectangular (2 dimensional thrust vector) nozzels on F-15 Short takeoff and landing/Maneuver Technology Demonstrator but the sources say the "ACTIVE" was the same airframe with re-engined with (round) three dimensional thrust vectoring pipes, then re-configured again in the IFCS (Intelligent Flight Control System) project - All the same aircraft. It's only WIKI though,but sounds correct. Bob C.
  3. Paladin

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    Thats correct. I did some research into this aircraft, and they did have one version with the rectagular thrust vectoring nozzles, and another with round nozzles. Here are a couple of pictures showing the difference. The rectangular nozzles enabled the thrust to be directed in varying degrees, up or down. The round nozzles were more advanced, and enabled thrust vectoring up, down, left, right, and anywhere in between.

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  4. PModel Rookie

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    Well,a few days ago when I saw ojimak's new design,the F-15 S/MTD,I noticed the nozzle is round(As you can see in ojimak's frontpage pic: ).So I emailed him that the nozzle is round and should be rectangular.Is my actions correct?I don't want him to misunderstand...

  5. Dragos

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    Why do you care about Ojimak's t***h ? You have a F-15 MTD with rectangular engine. :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:
  6. PModel Rookie

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    The shape of the elevator of the F-15 S/MTD you gave me is not quite right.

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  7. Dragos

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    Not a big problem I will repair the mistake :mrgreen:

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