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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by Starman, Dec 29, 2008.

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    I have the Command 2000 and i need to know what type of powerpak does it take to run this as i did not get one with it.Inside the instuctions it say's that it needs a 14-18 volts for HO but as far as finding something like that i have had no luck.I was wondering if a 13.8 AC powerpak would work.I have been to radio shak thinking i might be able to find something there but no luck and i tried MRC but this is no longer be made.So could someone tell me where i might be able to look next. Please help all advice would be apprecated.
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    Rogerw thank you for that link it did answer some of the things i needed to know.
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    Actually, any DC power pack will do. I usually use an MRC Tech4 with mine...just hook it up to the DC/track out on the transformer and don't forget to turn the transformer's throttle to 100%. Transformers (powerpacks) vary the voltage...14V or so is only provided when the throttle is all the way on. If the throttle isn't all the way on, your trains will move slower.

    So, if you use it with an old Tyco trainset powerpack, it will perform much like if you have an 18V transformer...but the locomotives will have lower top speeds.

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