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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by UncleJim, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. UncleJim

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    I'm a newbie and have an 027 three-rail train set that I'm just starting to set up. I want to buy some additional track so I can make a larger layout. My local hobby shop wants $47.00 for an 027 remote control switch (27 inch left or right hand). I searched on the internet and found the same switch selling for $19.00. Both are brand new and made by Lionel. Is there really that much of a price difference between retail stores and the internet? The internet website will add $8.00 for shipping and handling but even so, it's a lot cheaper. Or is there something else I'm not taking into consideration if i buy through the internet? Do most all of you buy your train supplies from the internet?
  2. jflessne

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    You might mention the price you found on the net. You have to do it with some grace however.

    I bought a lot of MTH track last year and worked a deal out with them.

    If it's like my local O scale guys. They just don't keep up with price changes.

    I will admit however that that this shouldn't be a problem with track.

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