Question about power, or lack off.

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by jasbourre, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. jasbourre

    jasbourre Member

    I finish laying my track for the first stage of my layout. But when I added the power pack nothing happens, I know the power pack works I have tested it on an oval.
    I may be answering my own question but I will ask anyway. Looking at the picture below you will see I have the power pack conected in section A. Do I need to wirer sections B, C and D as well?


  2. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    First thing, is do you have B. C and D insulated from A? If not, you are causing your power pack to short out and you get nothing. You can check this by isolating those sections one at a time.
  3. cpNscale

    cpNscale Member

    On each section or your layout are there any insolated rail joiners.If so you will need wires to each section.Also check our connections to the pack and rails too.Hope i can help.
  4. seanm

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    B and C are reversing sections and need to be delt with in some way. If this is DC, you will need something to change the polarity of the rest of the layout while the train is IN the reversing section. This is usually done with a DPDT switch. There are LOTS of good books about this situation. I think Atlas has one that describes it pretty well. If this is DCC you need to isolate the reverse sections and power them with a reverser. There are several on the market.
  5. jasbourre

    jasbourre Member

    I have nothing insulated, actually I'm not even sure how to insulated these sections. Would that be plastic rail joiners, and if they are how would I get power to that section?

    By the way this is my first layout. (Can you tell)

  6. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    What you have is a direct short because both the B and C sections are basically revers loops. What you need are plastic rail joiners to isolate them from each other. You have to put power to each of these sections separately, usually through a polarity-reversing switch.

    For now, disconnect one end of both B and C and see that your train will run around A. D does not need to be isolated right now, but you will want it to be since you will want to park trains there and be able to disconnect power to it while you are running on the other tracks.
  7. jasbourre

    jasbourre Member

    Thanks everyone for the help I went to my local Hobby Depot (only place in town that sells train stuff) and pick up a package of plastic rail joiners. I'll be putting them in on Saturday, or Sunday.

    Thanks again.


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