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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by nosweat, Dec 30, 2006.

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    Happy New Year everyone.

    I have just discovered The Gauge and am eager to become a regular. I have been away from the hobby for 10 years and am now working on getting my basement layout operational. I am still learning the jargon and am hoping someone can help me with a quick question about terminology for diesel locomotives. I am confused about the difference between F3A, F7A and C-liner. I suspect this will categorize me as a newbie, which would be about right.
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    Perfect. That is exactly what I wanted. Your photos are excellent.
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    As (almost) always.... not my photos.
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    g'day nosweat
    what scale are you modeling?
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    F3 and F7 are General Motors engines. C-Liner was produced by Fairbanks-Morse
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    Hi Relic:
    Sorry for the delay. I am using HO with a bias toward Canadian National.

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