Question about ballast?

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by trainsteve2435, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. Hello everyone, i have a question for ya....... how do most of you get ballast up after its been set with glue? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!:thumb:
  2. bigsteel

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    i think you can dissolve the glue with alcohol,I'm not totally sure,iv never had to take up ballast before.
  3. ezdays

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    That depends on what kind of glue you used. If you used white glue, it is water soluble and you just need to soak it in water for a few minutes. I've been taking up some of my N scale track and ballast and I soak the ballast, then come back with a small chisel to work the ballast loose. I also use a putty knife to scrape up the large chunks. One word though, it is messy and you wind up with ballast stuck all over the place so I also have a wire brush, several other stiff brushes and a hand-held vacuum cleaner.
  4. RobertInOntario

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    A guy at a LHS told me to spray the ballast with Windex. So that's what I do and it works very well. My ballast was glued with the typical white glue/water mix. Whenever I need to move ballast, I really soak it down with Windex (or similar product), let it soak in for a couple minutes, then the track and/or ballast can be moved quite easily. Rob
  5. Hey, thanks guys for the information, i'll give it a try.:wave:

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