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    I know the T&NO was formally absorbed into the SP in 1961. Does anyone know how long after this freight stock still ran with T&NO markings?
    I have some Athearn N Scale 3 bay hoppers with T&NO markings and numbers but also the SP herald. The Athearn website says that hoppers like these ran from the 60s to the 80s, Would these markings still have been valid thru that time?

    Thanks for any thoughts on this!:thumb:
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    Its possible.
    Conrail ran reporting marks from the Pennsy, New Haven, New York Central and even Penn Central on a lot of their rolling stock. Though they sported the Conrail symbol.
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    Here are a couple of data points:

    The January 1964 Official Railway Equipment Register shows some equipment with T&NO reporting marks, including hoppers numbered 4201 to 4447 (though just one in that series) and 4450 to 4949 (69 cars). There are also some "Enterprise Hoppers" which are different from "regular" hoppers in some way that I can't recall right now, and also a set of hoppers with an aluminum superstructure. I don't know the road numbers of the Athearn hoppers so I can't say for sure whether they are in the series I noted.

    In the April 1970 ORER, which is the next one I have chronologically, the T&NO reporting marks are completely gone.

    Could be that the cars ran into the 80's, but not with T&NO reporting marks.

    You might have a look at http://espee.railfan.net to see if there's any more data there.

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