PZL-23B Karas

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by wyverns4, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. wyverns4

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    Has anyone built this kit from Maly Modelarz?


    Any input welcome, especially if there might be a link to a build thread?

    I've got an itch to do some of these obscure Polish A/C. I saw in Squadron Mail Order's catalog that Mirage Hobby has released a 1/48 scale plastic model of this same plane. I might have to check this one out, too!


  2. cmdrted

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    Rick, check the author, if it's Pawel Mistewicz it is a very good fitting/engineered kit.
  3. shoki2000

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    That's not Pawel Mistewicz creation...
    I checked Polish modeling sites and it seems that there were several people starting the model but I did not find any being finished. I could be wrong of course........
  4. shrike

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    I don't know about the MM kit, but the FLY kit is fantastic.
    There are a few pics in my gallery. I've been meaning to upload some more - I guess now would be as good a time as any

    Edit: Have to take some more
  5. cygielski

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    A number of people on Polish sites have finished the MM Karas - some complained about parts not fitting in the cockpit area, others just plowed ahead and put theirs together without apparent problems. It all depends on your attitude, I guess.
  6. wyverns4

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    I can't read Polish, and am unable to find an online translater! Can someone please tell me if this is the Maly Modlearz kit build, and if there is any more to this thread? Also, links to other builds of this kit greatly appreciated.

    The main reason I ask so much about this MM kit is that I have a Corsair model from them, 10/90, that is just not my idea of a buildable card model. I assume that 10/90 means October 1990 issue, so has the quality improved in the last 17 years?

    Thanks, Guys!

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  8. cygielski

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