PzKpwf II Luchs 1:25 Wak

Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by josve, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. josve

    josve Active Member

    Some detail work....

    Details on the back of the left mudguard.Added some nuts and bolts

    Made one of the boxes

    Some rivets here

    And there....

    Some tiny strips along the mudguard

    And the hinges on the front part of the mudguard
  2. josve

    josve Active Member

    The swingarms with the damper cylinders are done.
    I also made one of the rear adjustment arms and.

    When all damper cylinders was in place I could put the other mudguard in place.
    I also finished the front "windows" and glued that part in place.
    Now it starts to look like a tank :)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Now it's continuing the rest of the swingarms......
  3. pouncing_tiger

    pouncing_tiger New Member

    WOW! Awesome work. Can't wait to see it finished.
  4. josve

    josve Active Member

    Thanks "Tiger"

    Today I finished the swingarms on the left side and made one of the wheels.

    The wheel.Front-top and back side
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The swingarms on the left side

    And the wheel put loosely in place.

    Thats it for now :)

    I also want to wish you all a very Happy Christmas!!
  5. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    looks great! thanks for that update - makes me want to get back to mine - but alas - time to go remove snow from the driveway *again* sigh
  6. pouncing_tiger

    pouncing_tiger New Member

    Man, what a project.

    Check out my version of nebeltex's Panther A he posted on the PTA website. Definitely not as complex as your Luchs, but...

  7. josve

    josve Active Member

    Thanks guys!!

    You have something nice to look forward to when you start the luchs Chris!!
  8. josve

    josve Active Member

    My last shift for 3 weeks :)

    I got one of the two part wheels done today.
    Here are the parts for one of the wheels.

    Started gluing ripples.....

    The inner part is done

    And the outer part

    And both wheels done


    Will continue this build in 3 weeks.....
    Until then have a happy new year :)
  9. josve

    josve Active Member

    Back in the saddle again....All theese vacations......

    Some progress on the wheels and I made one of the drivewheels.
    I'll come back to the construction of the drivewheel another day if there are some interest to see the construction.

    Here are the pics.
    As you can see I added a lot of nuts to the hub and the rim.I have not decided yet if I put nuts onto the "unvisible" sides yet....
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Now I'm onto the rest of the roadwheels.....
  10. Jim Nunn

    Jim Nunn Member

    Johnny you went a little nuts on the drive sprocket, forgive me I just couldn’t pass that one up.

    Another superb model.

    Jim Nunn
  11. josve

    josve Active Member

    I guess going nuts with little nuts really can make you go nuts.....

    But I really can't stand the printed ones.....The nuts brings out the details the way it should.
    I know you would have done the same Jim :)
  12. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    Super and thanks for the great pics - it is amazing how much those details add to the model :)
  13. josve

    josve Active Member

    Yes little things like that really add quite a lot of realism to the model.
    I guess I'm a detail freak.....adding details that nearly will be noticable unless you spot the model from a 5cm distance.But the most important for me is.....I know they are there :)
  14. KCStephens

    KCStephens Member

    So I guess you've made up your mind... I would probably do the same thing - even though no one else can see them at least you will know that they are there.
    Besides, If you don't put them on now you probably would want to go back later and do it anyways.
  15. josve

    josve Active Member

    Yes I guess you are right.....I think I just have to put the nuts on :)
  16. lriera

    lriera Member

    Hi Johnny, I am a fan of your builds and I have missed you these three weeks.

    I am a totally beginner at paper models and now I am building the Kettenkrad as you did some time ago. You can look at my progresses here: Maquetas y modelismo en papel - Kettenkrad Sd kfz 2 NSU de Modelik - Vehiculos militares - foros.miarroba.com.

    I have two questions for you:

    1) In this thread you talked about the mesh you used in this build. You talked about RiRo, can you tell me what is RiRo? Ii is because I want to find some mesh as yours.

    2) I am very, VERY, worried about the paints I use to paint the white edges of the paper, because I can't find the exact color. I have used markers and acrilics from Vallejo, but I am not happy with them. Please, can you tell me what kind of paints do you use?

    Thank you very much

  17. josve

    josve Active Member

    Hello Lluis!

    The mesh I used is from RaiRo.de and is a plastic mesh.
    </small>Rai-Ro Modellbauzubehör, Rolf-D. König</small>
    You find the grid mesh a bit down the side.

    Earlier I have used plain gause og gaz as we call it.It's a mesh used for bandages.

    The colors is another story......
    Since I'm colorblind I have no clue about what colors to use.
    So I just bring the kit with me to the colorshop,and there they have some kind of scanning device to scan colors from a lot of materials.
    So they scan the color I want and makes me almost a perfect match :)
    The color is plain indoor waterbased type.
  18. exzealot

    exzealot Member


    Your builds rival anything I've seen in plastic. Another fantastic example on this one.

  19. lriera

    lriera Member

    Hi Johnny,

    Thank you very much for your responses. I am learning a lot with your builds, please keep them going as fast and well done as you are used to.
  20. josve

    josve Active Member

    The rippled type of the roadwheels are ready....

    Here are the last 24 ripples shaped and ready to "go in"

    And the completed set.

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