PzKpfw IV Ausf H (GPM 237)

Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by edikk, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. edikk

    edikk Member

    All is established on places. The covering of a back wall is absent, therefore it painted.
  2. edikk

    edikk Member

    Still I have decided to alter handles of control the tank.
  3. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    Thats great! that model has some really nice weathering on it. Might I ask what you have been using for edge coloring?


    Nice progress ,great model my favourite Hamsi. I wait more.
  5. sergiotang95

    sergiotang95 Member

    All those details make me feel very bad about my skills.:sad:
  6. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    Just because Michaelangelo was a fantastic painter doesn't mean you should never try the hobby, right?;)
    edikk is truly an artist [​IMG] with paper and he outshines many of us, myself included!
    I won't let that stop me from enjoying my hobby at all. It does humble me but I can marvel at and admire his work and still have my own fun!
    I may never live up to his standard but I always remember, I don't have to!;)

    Just have fun with it!:mrgreen:
    It is a very fun hobby, whether you get wrinkles in the paper or not!:thumb:


    Now, where did my lower jaw bounce away to after hitting the floor so hard????
  7. RTomedi

    RTomedi Member

    So far it´s just perfect... The edges are really something.:eek:
    One can never say this is paper...
    Congratulations! You are doing a magnificent job!

  8. edikk

    edikk Member

    I use acrylic paints. I put a paint on edges a brush.
  9. edikk

    edikk Member

    All very thanks!

    The main thing to try, try and to try once again! And then all will turn out, the main thing to not be afraid.
  10. KCStephens

    KCStephens Member

    WOW! What a beautiful job.

    I'm very inspired here - only hope mine comes out half as nice.

    I just recieved this very same kit in the mail today. I've been looking through the pages and so far only have one VERY BASIC QUESTION.
    Since I can't read Polish, (I'm sure my answer is burried in there somewhere) I can't figure out which pieces get laminated to card stock (except the obvious ones) or the thickness of said card stock. I noticed that some parts are marked with a single * and others a double ** I'm sure this indicates that they are to be mounted to something but to what? Any help that you could offer would be very much appreicated.

    I want to be sure I get off on the right foot.

  11. rlwhitt

    rlwhitt Active Member

    This is outstanding. So very clean, very nice color matching & weathering! Another work of art in progress!

  12. dansls1

    dansls1 Member

    Typically they are looking for 0.5mm thickness for * parts and 1mm for ** parts. This can change for some kits (the BF109 I'm building was 0.5mm and 0.8mm). In my case I was able to find this in the instructions, even though I couldn't understand anything else.
  13. edikk

    edikk Member

    To instructions to it to model it is not written, that designate **. But I can firmly tell, that * is 0.5 mm a cardboard, and ** - 1 mm a cardboard.
    Success in assembly!
  14. fuchsjos

    fuchsjos Member

    Hi, Eddik!

    I love your work - it is so exact and very clean. Also I think GPM had done a good print job. This model looks very realistic.

    Kind regards
  15. KCStephens

    KCStephens Member

    Thanks for your help Edikk!
  16. Gilson Morais

    Gilson Morais New Member

    Very nice work. Added on my "TO DO" list. The colors of this kit are quite impressive, aren't they?

    Keep the good work,
  17. edikk

    edikk Member

    Yes. :)
  18. RTomedi

    RTomedi Member

    I'm just waiting for more pics... sign1
    An inspiring construction you're doing there.
  19. zhang9889

    zhang9889 New Member

    Very nice work!
    The anticipation completes work.
  20. edikk

    edikk Member

    Battle shells

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