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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by gromit, Apr 8, 2003.

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    I've been interested in G scale railroading for some time now. Ever since I seen a G Scale Bachmann train at the Philadelphia Flower Show. I've have reading about and comparing prices of different models and brands for over a year now. Well I've finally made my first purchase starting what I hope will be a rewarding hobby. My first purchase was a Bachmann Spectrum 2-6-0, AstroCraft track and a 5 amp transformer. Well anyway getting to the point, I paid $220 (before taxes) for my 81493 Bachmann train, but the catolag has it listed for 799.95. That's quite a difference in price, we as consumers are always shopping around for the best deal, rarely paying the retail price for anything, often getting products at 10 to 20% off the "list" price. But 70% off? I have to question why there is such a dramatic price cut. Do manufacturs often blow out last years models at such discounts to make room for next years models? Or is demand so light in this recession ecomony that it's become nessessary for manufacturs to offer steep discounts? Or is it just dispite all my research I really purchased a poorly made product with so many defects that it is nessessary for Bachmann to lower the price to get inventory moving against other manufacturs superior quality products? Am I the proud owner of a 5 finger discount item?

    Can anyone shed some light on why there is such a difference in List and actual pricing?

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    Hi Gromit,
    Congrats on starting in a great gauge. I don't know why manufacturers set the list price as they do. I can only guess that maybe they found a cheaper way to manufacture your engine after the catalogs were printed. Catalogs are printed far in advance of the actual product. I have seen your engine for around the same price offered from many dealers, so I think maybe they have overstock and are just blowing them out. As for the quality, I have heard no bad things about the Spectrum line (not since the first shays came out anyway). I have seen several Spectrum engines running on layouts in the magazines. Pickup a copy of Garden Railways and look thru the mail order ads, there are some really good deals and you can compare prices. steve
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    Bachmann G Scale...

    Although I don't have one, I've heard nothing but accolades for the later Bachmann G scale stuff, including your Mogul. Many people Ive spoken with at shows have thousands of trouble-free hours of running on many of theirs.

    I'll bet you'll not be let down.

    Can't wait for pictures...hint, hint.:)
  4. N Gauger

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    Hey Gromit,

    I've heard nothing bad about Bachmann G engines. I own 3 now. The Main reason for the price difference is simply "supply & demand" - If your supplier buys 1 engine - he/she pays 20% - 22% off retail. (Catalog) in this case about $720.00

    If the Supplier buys about 10 or even 20 - they pay "Qty Discount" prices up to 75% off Retail.. or $200.00

    They both make the consumer pay for them equally by Discounts, in the first case - about $760.00 and in the second possibly $240.00

    Both people looking at a catalog ($799.00) would swear they got "A Deal". This is the MAIN reason the internet put a hurting on "Mom & Pop" businesses.... The First instance 15 yrs ago would have been - the Only Game In town - now we are much more knowlegible in prices & Suppliers.

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