Put a train on the UTAH quarter

Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by Buckeye........, Apr 17, 2006.

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  2. TrainNut

    TrainNut Ditat Deus

    Done deal! Thanks for the link. Even my 1 year old voted!!!!! :D :D :D
  3. 2slim

    2slim Member

    When I saw the snowboarder I cringed! You bet, that's Utah alrightee!! (Damb, yuppees!) suprised the Temple wasn't one of the choices. There really is only one choice, thanks for posting this.

  4. Gil Finn

    Gil Finn Active Member

    I did on the ORG forum post. Do you think they will count my vote without a Utha zippcode?
  5. nachoman

    nachoman Guest

    You are right - only one choice here. The snowboarder is lame. The beehive is the same thing on the side of the state trooper cars. I am suprised they don't have one of the arches from arches national park.


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