Purchasing kits in Tokyo or Kyoto?

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    I build paper models and I am traveling to Japan next month. I would like to purchase paper model kits in Tokyo and/or Kyoto, but I have no idea what sort of stores might sell them. I also do not speak Japanese so my ability to ask about such stores while there is very limited. Does anyone know of any specific stores in either of these cities which might have paper model kits? I am mostly interested in mecha models like Gundam, Front Mission, etc.

    Thanks for any suggestions that anyone can offer.

  2. Lex

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    I'm sure buying on the internet should be a nice and easy way...

    ...But please inform me if you see cardmodels sold in any shops over there!
  3. Soaring

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    Uhm, to help you on your Front Mission Problem..You know all the papercraft frontmission models are free? And there are 4 of them. If you need to know where they are on the net, PM ME ^.^
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    Actually I haven't had much luck finding online sources for Japanese kits, which is why I posted a query in the "Brick and Mortar Finds" category.

    Yes, I do know of the free Front Mission models; I've built two of the three of them. I was using them more as a general example of what I'm interested in, not a specific request.

  5. Soaring

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    Three? Oh no, there are 4 buddy :)
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    I regularly purchase Japanese trains over the internet and I can give you some suggestions on large general hobby shops.

    Internet sources:

    Hobby Search

    Hobby Search Figure Garage Kits and Models Online Store

    Hobby World Japan

    HW Japan

    Rainbow Ten


    I know travellers have visited these stores listed before, but I'm not sure how much English is spoken. Take a note pad. Often Japanese can read and write English and you may be able to communicate with notes.

    Stores in Tokyo

    Model trains are often available in toy / hobby stores in Japan that also sell Gundam and other models. There are several hobby shops in Akihabara. Some of these pages are Japanese language and you'll need a machine translator like Google Translate or Excite to read these web sites.

    Aso Bit City

    Aso Bit City are hobby themed stores of the LAOX group.


    Tam Tam



    Here's a 3 part guide to Akihabara stores focused on games, anime and manga.

    1 Akihabara Channel » Stores in Akihabara (Part 1)

    2 Akihabara Channel » Stores in Akihabara (Part 2)

    3 Akihabara Channel » Stores in Akihabara Part 3

    Here's an English language web site with some Tokyo hobby shops of another genre.

    AFV Modeller's Extremely Prejudiced Guide to Tokyo Hobby Shops

    Sakuraya Hobby Store in Shinjuku is another multi floor hobby store that may be of interest.


    3F Model train set Air gunModel train set, model material, and air gun
    Minicar and trading cards2F Plastic model FigurePlastic model, radio controller, and figure
    Gachapon1F TV gameMain body of TV game and TV game software
    Game magazine and capture bookB1 DVD softwareWestern-style painting, Japanese film, music, special effects, and animated cartoon
    Variety, TV drama, and adult

    I'd suggest trying Joshin Super Kids World.



    Joshin web ƒCƒ“ƒ^[ƒlƒbƒgƒVƒ‡ƒbƒsƒ“ƒO ‰Æ“dEPCEƒzƒr[‚Ì‘åŒ^ê–å“X | ƒWƒ‡[ƒVƒ“



    Joshin also operates a store called Gundam in Osaka.


    Hope this helps.
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    Um... WOW!!! That's a LONG list of sources!! Thanks!
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