Pull Start Completly Pulled Out

Discussion in 'RC Onroad Forum' started by Raw19896, Jan 8, 2004.

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  1. Raw19896

    Raw19896 New Member

    Can anyone help me restring my pull start. I am a slow learner so detailed step by step instructions will help much? I already have the cover removed + the round thing with the spring in nut fitting. Please help.
  2. utkan

    utkan New Member

  3. Airwolf Wallpaper

    Did the spring pull out w/ it or just the string and the black spool
  4. dudex

    dudex Member

    Take it to your Local hobby shop, trying to explain how to fix it will be much harder than watching them fix it for you, or having them show you how to fix. Assuming that it even is fixable.
  5. timrock

    timrock Active Member

    i would suggest taking that pull start off and look into going with an electric starting system.
  6. If he would tell us what came out it would be a little easier to answer him though
  7. timrock

    timrock Active Member

    yeah if he wants to stay with a pull start he should tell you what came out to be able to help/answer him
  8. I don't think he is on the site anymore or he got it fixed
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