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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by TCH, May 3, 2007.

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    when i started building my own turnouts i started using DPDT slide switches [SS] to operate them .these have worked great for the main layout area which is a shelf type
    when i added a staging area i found i couldn`t think of a satisfactory system to operate the turnouts from a distance
    i came up with this -
    from knobs on the panel at the fascia i have run two wires to a bellcrank at each turnout which then operates the slide switch which operates the turnout. the advantage of the SS is feeding the frog and LED`s etc
    i will post some pictures when i work out how to decrease the file size
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    the bellcranks have been made from 1/8" mdf
    the knobs made from skewers and 5/16" dowel
    i have used wires to the turnouts because i had it on hand. most would probably use fishing line
    paper clips have been used for the connections to the SS and to the turnout
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    i`ll try to send some pictures

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    TCH, looks cool (good ingenuity!). I don't know enough about model railroading to know if this is the same thing, but there was an interesting thread a couple weeks ago by Gary about manual pull outs:


    And since I didn't mention it in your other thread,

    Welcome Aboard! :wave:
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    mike- thanks for the welcome
    i saw gary s`s thread which shows his very good method of control
    mine is for when it would be difficult to get a solid connection over a longer distance
    i didn`t make it clear that two wires are needed for each turnout
    1 for each route
    thanks for your interest
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    Thanks for posting your turnout control system. We love stuff like this!

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