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Discussion in 'Feedback & Support Forum' started by v3n1x, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. v3n1x

    v3n1x New Member

    Can we publish/share paper models that are printable (like pdf or jpg), even if we didnt create them ourselves? Just asking...
  2. Since you only have made 2 posts, you still don't have access to the downloads section of this forum. And therefore you cannot read the rules for uploading files yet.

    I transcribe here one of the rules, that I believe will clarify your doubt:

    Some designers prefer that their kits be hosted only in their own websites, because that means traffic and exposure for their portfolios. Other designers allow the distribution of their models without restrictions. It is better if you contact them first before sharing their designs. If they give you their permission, I guess there will be no problem. If they decline, then you probably can share the info on where to find them, but not upload them here.
  3. v3n1x

    v3n1x New Member

    Ok thx for the heads-up. yes i dont have acess yet...i really want though. Im looking for a paper plane model, "devastator" from the game crimson skies. I heard its on this site, but i cant acess it yet...i dont even know if it exists =(
  4. v3n1x:

    the good news is that the model existed.
    there are photos of the model being built in this same forum:

    The bad news are.... the website of the person who designed it is closed, and the model no longer available for download there, or here (or anywhere).

    I'm sorry for this. But hope this doesn't prevent you from enjoying the paper modelling hobby, and the rest of the forum.
  5. v3n1x

    v3n1x New Member

    Ok. yes i was aware of that the site was closed, i was joping it was still archived here somewhere. ah aparrently thats not the case. Thx tho for checking for me, appreciate it =)
    And yes, i will keep on enjoyin papermodeling, despite this minor letdown, dont worry.
  6. v3n1x

    v3n1x New Member

    yes, somebody else suggested it via PM. Thx guys for your feedback, your awesome!

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