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    Hi Paul. Been awhile again. i was just looking at your old layout in Model Railroading, Nov/94. i haven't picked up the MR yet but our hobby store carries the back issues :) Can't wait to see it. U know u had me fooled. Most of your pics on the net look HO ;) When i get my scanner working again i will post 1/2 of my pics(240) from the Rocky Mountaineer Gold Leaf Rail Tour and Yukon Rail Pass trip, i took this last spring. It sounds like alot but the scenery from the trains was the best.:D :D
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    Matt - Thank you very much! I feel permanently at home here.

    Shamus - I read through the art. this AM, so brace yourself for questions :D :D :D I think I'll try to ask them inthe appropriate forum. Very well written, BTW. And guess what?

    Little voice: You got it right!

    You don't need to rip it out again :D :D :D and if you feel the urge, try adding another room to your house!
  3. shamus

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    Hey Jon,
    I get that little voice in my head nearly every day, it is hard to combat it when I know it's right.:D

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    Gee, this morning I went to look over that article again and all the pages are stuck together. Wonder what happened :( :( :(

    Shamus, someone mentioned in another thread, that you had plans for your logging cars in the academy. I was unable to locate them inthe archives or at your website. Are they on-line and I'm missing something? I saw the flat cars, maybe that was it? Funny how expensive RTR log buggies are, esp. with how simple they are. I don't get it.

    Now that hte pages are stuck, I was able to move on to other articles, and there's some real nice early industrial pictures in the SW1 article. Even a box cab and a Daventport for the Rocket fans! Hey, do you think the Daventport designers were sleepin' with the Whitcomb designers? (Look at hte cabs on the 44 tonners on pg 52)
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    Hi old friend, you still got the 1994 issue wow, I think that had my old HO "Raton Snake Valley" in it. Did you know that a video of that was made for the NMRA in 1994, I know it also went to the Kalmbach library, but for some unknown reason they lost it.

    I havn't received my copy of the mag yet, guess it will arrive from the USA soon. BTW, only flat cars on my website and in the Academy

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    Judging from the time gap from when Pete got his, and they came in here in IN, I guess they load up a Ryder van and drive from LHS to LHS until they're all del'd. When they get to Norlins (New Orleans), I'm sure they'll drive it onto a container ship and have it to you before February! :D :D :D Nice maggy, curiously slow :D :D :D

    :( :( :( No log buggies :( :( :(

    I think I can figure those out anywho ;)
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    I went looking at the LHS yesterday, and they only had up to September.
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    Picked up a copy tonight - don't know for sure when the LHS got it but it is definitely worth the wait. Would be interesting to see if there's a spike in the sales of that issue.

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