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    This is my first boat I normally make aircraft,but as I have been an ardant lover of MTB`S I had to make this one.It is a Malay Modelers kit lightly modified,the tubes move and the gun turrets plus guns all move,the port no.1 torpedo is a cut down Russian torp.from the spares box.The hull is painted in rust the hull side and deck fittings are painted in neutral grey and the deck is painted in dark sea green,the stand is made from bamboo from an old paper lamp shade and the name plate is made from 4mm.card painted with metalic grey paint and rub down letters.All mistakes are mine,sorry about the photos they were taken with my web cam.Enjoy.Jay.(under jaycees work)
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    That's a great looking boat! I'm trying to decide if I want to try ships at some point. I've been looking longingly at some of the big battleship and carrier kits but that may be a bit down the road for me. How would you say the difficulty of this PT compares with other things you've done? I've always had a soft spot for the PT boats as I used to model them in plastic as a kid.

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    As a first time boat build it was pretty easey, this one gives you a lot of scope to add your own stamp on it.I have kept the hull number as well as adding the Royal Navy hull number,I would say build it you will like it.
    My next build will be the M.M..Anti Submarine Launch "Smialy".Jay.

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