pt 40 or aircore 40 trainer

Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by E-snake, Oct 25, 2003.

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  1. E-snake

    E-snake New Member

    Is the pt 40 or the us aircore trainer a better plane? Which is stronger, more forgiving, and easier to build?
  2. Fastsky

    Fastsky Member

    R/C clubs usually provide free flight instruction from experienced Instructors. If you can get an Instructor to help you out then PT 40 is the way to go. Any damge from crashes can usually be put back together easier than you think with a little CA glue but with an Instructor helping, crashes are rare. The pt40 is a better flyer because its lighter for its size and can be glided back to the runway if your engine should quit. This makes the plane more forgiving than the Aircore. If you get the pt use the smaller dihedral listed on the plans as it makes the plane easier to control in windy conditions. Time wise the pt will probably take longer to get together but this helps you down the road for learning how airplanes go together. The Aircore is stronger but weighs a lot more and therefore doesn't control as well. I only suggest this plane if you are out in the middle of nowhere in a field by yourself with no possibility of experienced help!!! With Winter coming, now is the time to get a kit and start building. It will give you something to do in the Winter and give you a plane ready to go in the Spring! Its also more rewarding watching a plane that you put together yourself take to the skies!!
  3. wtb3886

    wtb3886 New Member

    E-snake: In my openion the pt would be my choice because aircore is heavy. I too would suggest locating a local club for getting advice and getting setup to learn how to fly.
  4. Kelvin Heath

    Kelvin Heath New Member

    One man's opinion, having flown a large number of trainers:

    Put the AirCore in the fireplace and toast mashmallows over it.

    The PT 40 is OK, certainly better with dihedral reduced. But, I really dislike the way they fly. They seem to wallow a lot. I don't see why anyone likes them.

    The SIG LT-40 is the best flying, most honest of the 40 size trainers. Available in an easy kit or ARF.

    If you don't mind the more extensive building, the SIG Kadet Seniorita or Senior are the best 3 channel trainers, ever. They will teach you more about flying than anything else out there.

    My 2 cents worth.
  5. Fastsky

    Fastsky Member

    I would stay away from a Seniorita or Senior for training because the fuselage is made out of small criss crossing pieces of balsa. This makes the plane much more fragile and hard to repair. The LT40 is strong and sturdy being made of light ply and therefore a better choice.
  6. Kelvin Heath

    Kelvin Heath New Member

    I would argue that it is not true that the Seniorita is fragile. It is light enought that its strength to weight ratio is very good. I have crashed the daylights out of Seniors and Senioritas with little or no damage. The only downside is the increased building time, but approached with a good attitude, they are a lot of fun to build and very pretty with the sunlight shining through the covering. Oak boards are strong, too. But at the weight, they don't fly too well.
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