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    You can find instructions and pictures in order to build the PT 109, J.F. Kennedy boat during WW2, or US Patrol Elco Torpedo Boat.

    The best at the end :thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb:balloon6

    Malymodelarz has a model too (1/50 scale).

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    I made hulls for a couple of different model P.T. boats as one that is available only came with a hideous line bisecting the hull, on what is otherwise an incredibly excellent model. (the line is the hull is due to the limitation of most printers to produce such a large piece, and the designer could not be bothered, I wanted a full size hull, not cut, as I have a large format printer, as many people in this hobby do). I decided not to buy the available model, though it would have been easy enough to Photoshop it together.

    I was going to model a boat, and in fact have completed a hull, and many of the deck pieces using the same excellent references you have provided. It would be nice to have one of these boats with removable hull sections so the interior would be visible. Too many projects, not enough time! It would be easier to buy an available model, and make an interior, though I am not too sure how exact the models are, there is a difference between doing a model in a drawing program as opposed to an exact scale model done in CAD. :)
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    You're right Zathros

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