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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by D.R.Rosser, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. D.R.Rosser

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    I need some PRR expertise. I have a set of HO cars that are lettered and painted for PRR. They are not too long, have a curved roof with 8 small round ventilators in a row on each side. I believe that is typical of a Harriman style car. But, did the Pennsy own cars like that? I do not recall seeing them in old Pennsy car pictures, but I may have just not seen the right photos. Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks, Dave
  2. chooch.42

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    Dave, Hi. This may be overkill for what you need - or a whole new Pennsy horizon. ...lots of PRR info (including passenger car diagrams), and links to much more. Hope this gets you what you need. Bob C. :wave:
  3. D.R.Rosser

    D.R.Rosser Member

    Thanks for the lead to all sorts of PRR info. It still seems that the cars I have are not accurate. The Harriman style does not seem to be real PRR. Also, the cars do not have any names on the sides below the windows; all the lists indicate named cars. My guess is still "not real PRR". Dave
  4. puddlejumper

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    That would be a correct guess. They are neat little cars though, the baggage and combine could even work in a consist with more accurate PRR equipment. The coach and tail car not so much though.

  5. D.R.Rosser

    D.R.Rosser Member

    Thanks for the comment that backs up my hunch. As soon s I add one more correct car I will retire the Harriman set, probably to E-Bay. Dave

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