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    Years ago I recall reading about an informal daily "race" between New York Central's 20th Century Limited and Pensy's Broadway Limited, when departing Chicago's Central(?) Station. This took place in the late 1930s or perhaps the post-WW2 1940s.

    This seems like a pretty dramatic event. Does anyone know if there are any photos of this event? Have any of the railroad artists depicted it? Any other info. would be welcome.
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    A quick Google search found a site devoted to artist Robert West's work. In the Northeast Prior Releases section you'll find a painting titled "Rival Thoroughbreds" with a diesel theme. In the Midwest Prior Releases look for "Steel, Steam, and Thunder" which captures the look of earlier races. There is descriptive information about the "races" below each painting. Must have been an exciting thing to see in real life! Surely it was caught on movie film at some time (?)

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    That is an awesome site. There are alot of paintings on there. Again it is an awesome site.
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    Train Paintings

    Thanks Ralph! With my dial-up connection, loading pictures is s l o w . Looks like I've got a full enening ahead of me :).

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