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    Hi all new to the site… it’s been a long time since I’ve played with trains. So me and two buddies are thinking of putting an HO layout together of the Jersey City waterfront. We know this area pretty good from the 50’s onward but we are looking at the 1900-1930 period from the PRR Exchange Place terminal to the Erie terminal. Does anyone know where to find track charts, layouts, photos etc. of this area? Also, what HO track do people like to use now Atlas, Peco, Walthers etc.
    Thanks… :wave:
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    Welcome to The Gauge.
    Could check with one of the historical scocieties. Sure they could help get you started.
    The local library is another good place.
    Did you try Googling?

    As far as track, its a matter of personal preference and finances.
    Atlas makes some good resonable priced track, but Peco is better, little more expensive. Walthers is middle of the road, as far as price and quality.
    Good luck with your layout. And keep us informed with words and pics.
    We love pictures!
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    most of the time you can use google or a search engine maybe even raillinks,but im not totally sure and if your adventerous you can use the good ol fashined book! LOL

    as for track,do you want sectional or flex,if you use flex i use code 100 modelpower flextrack and for sectional i use atlas since its everywhere.--josh
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    I concur - the local library should have the ticket for that.. Do you know of any Jersey City books? I know that there is literally a series of them for every town in NJ.. Hope that helps..

    eightyeightfan1 - that UPS car is missing about 44 - where did they go ?
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