Prototypical Missle launching car!

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    Today I visited the Wright-Patterson Air Force Museum, which is home to Bockscar; the plane that ended WWII, the only remaning B-10, and a bunch of other old yet amazing planes, some bordering on the bizzare (case in point: Image:EC-135E.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia , and yes, that plane actualy does look like that!). Strangely, the museum has two rail cars in their possesion, one being a troop-transport for POW's. The other, however, was a 4 'four' axle boxcar at the far end of the air park. Now, we all know Lionel back in the Cold war tried out these babies: . Very unprototypical, right? Well, they were at the time. Then in 1986, this came along: Fact Sheets : Peacekeeper Rail Garrison Car : Peacekeeper Rail Garrison Car
    image: U.S. Air Force Museum - Peacekeeper Rail Garrison Car
    In HO scale, this car would be one-ft. long!
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    That's kinda creepy...!!!

    Did you get to see the roswell spaceship?

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    I don't think they had it in their possesion.
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    i remember reading reports from the few test firing about how test launches would push the rails into the ground so much that they would have to lift the car out of the rut it created in the track, but the video i saw of the test launch was amazing. also found these, i rmember being sent them awhie ago

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    I hadn't known they even got to the test-firing stage with this project.
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    The car at the WPAFM is the prototype of the series.
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    did you get any piccys of the POW car, I would be interested in seeing them please.
    Sth Oz
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  9. hmas

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    Thankyou sir!
    I know the boxcar, I read it as a POW car as used by the US, not for US personnel.
    But the rest of the show was great.

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