PROTOTYP 1/24th Scale P35

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    Here for you viewing pleasure is a offering from a designer in CA, Prototype., you will find some really nice car kits. However these are curbside and they are for the serious builder. The print quality is some of the best I have seen. You get high gloss print for body panels, and matt for structure/wheels. A set of complete construction drawings come with the kit, and if you like you can go to their web site and see a photo build guide for the model you are building. I am in the process of another build at this time, but do keep an eye out for this build, I will post as I can. This kit is of the NISSAN P35 NPTi IMSA GTP 1993. Come printed on 4 sheets of high quality print w/a drawing of the vehicle and drawings for construction. Give them a look if you are into racing vehicles.:thumb:

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    I have the white FIA version of the P35 which is the next kit on my build list (I'm currently building a beta design and then need to finish my P-26). I recently contacted Ryan of Prototyp to see if he will be be posting the Bentley Speed 8. Unfortunately, it will be quite some time before we see it available. It is a complex design and Ryan has taken a break from it.
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    he started the 962 now i dont know when or if he will finish it but its on his facebook check it out its nice!

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