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    Attached is first thoughts for the Authementville Division of the SP. I'm using Atlas Code 55, and thought of incorporating their Needham Junction layout into a larger run. The available space is an 11 foot by two foot run down one wall (left hand), a 6 foot shelf along the back wall, and a 2foot 6 in width run down five feet of the right hand wall (see diagram). I also have a two foot square board for a Noch helix at the left hand end, plus another Noch helix will fit in at the right hand end. These will lead down to a lower level for staging. The right hand helix will have town/industry above it; the left hand will have track. There is also space for a possible Nn3 line leading from the right hand end of the L along a five foot shelf above the desk.
    The needham Junction will be on the left hand run, with a turntable and roundhouse in the corner section. The trackwork at the right hand end plus interchange with Nn3 still to be worked out.

    Any thoughts welcome!!:wave:

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    I have been very surprised how much you can get into a bookshelf layout, mine is 20" wide and roughly 10' wide by 14' long, I think your layout looks great! You'll have loads of action, especially with a second level.

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