Properly Waterproofing a kit for R/C

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by NYC Irish, Nov 26, 2004.

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    Hello all, I need a few tips and general advice.

    Im interested in building the Flymodel Trawler Regulus again but this time throwing a motor and R/C gear in to bring to the local pond for a few laps. Obvioulsy there will have to be some changes and a serious amount of waterproofing or I will have a lot of spare soggy paper the next time I'm doing a Paper Mache Mask.
    Has anyone here tried that, what should I use for an internal frame, Plasti-card? What about the small items, winch, boxes and Radio Revievers etc. Any suggestions on a waterproofing spray or such?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated

    John John
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    Hi there,

    just a word of caution to those who want to use the Minwax Wood Hardener. Paper treated with this product yellows after a while - even if not exposed to sunlight. Either one has to live with the discoloration or repaint the hardened parts.

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    Go to "" , register or not, I don't know, for I am, and then use the following thread after clicking left on "forum":

    1/"Schiffe" then
    2/"Bauberichte" then
    3/"schwimmfähiger Fischkutter Typ B 25 " or just below "Übersetzung Baubericht Fischkutter B-25"

    tell me if something goes wrong.

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