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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Mountain Man, Apr 28, 2008.

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    This weekend I dropped by the LHS in Colorado Springs to inquire about a "Gallows Turntable", the term I swear has appeared in numerous magazines and on forums, referring to the small, locally built, mostly-wood, two-man-powered turntables erected by small narrow gauge shortlines, consisting of a platform, a pair of large central upright beams, and stays running to the ends on the turntable platform. To my surprise, a debate erupted among the three staffers there at the time over what it was properly called, even after I described and sketched it, followed by a frantic catalog search as they attempted to identify what I was describing.

    Did I have the right term, or did I unintentionally mislead them?
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    Thanks, TrainNut; I guess in future I should add the "A-frame" part to the name, but I was really surprised that one seemed to recognize what I was talking about. I think the three fellows all model in a later period, so perhaps they never encountered one. I remember seeing one on the British train forum that was even more basic than the ones you linked to.

    In any event, they were unable to locate a reliable source for one in N-scale, citing a delivery time of up to one year from one source, so I think I see some scratchbuilding in my near future. Should be fun.
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    Wow, that is one super model, but the control electronics package is probably the bulk of the price. Am I reading right, that they say the drive coould be used with other scales of tables ? Neat find, but not cheap. Thanks, Bob C.

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