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  1. NOBI

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    I saw a thread about making MM's N1K1-J at and wonder how author make his propeller (picture below)




    anybody can advise me how to make propeller like above? i think he use some glue but no idea what is that glue...

    thank you very much in advance
  2. Leif Oh

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    Well, Nobi, I asked TAD the same question over at (while also republishing the same images), and here's how he answered:

    "I'm sorry for my poor english - because of this I can't explain right what I mean (I remember promising description of the process of making retouche - sorry, language barrier is to big for me).

    The spinner should be first polishing, then you can put INSIDE it (to make it harden) some tiny parts of paper handkerchief - the same you can do OUTSIDE spinner (very carrefoul with super glue) - it becomes then hard and good for another polishing (using combination of file and different glass-papers). Then painting - more than once as it needs usually another polishing with glass-paper. In the meantime you can make combination of different paints to make the spinner more 'exploited' ore make it glance."

    So I think the method is hardening the spinner by cyano acrylate, while also filling it out inside (and possible faults on the outside) with thin paper material (tissue), hardened by cyano acrylate. Which is a very good idea in itself, of course.

    From there on in, it seems a matter of sanding with very fine sandpaper, and painting. The painting procedure must be a work of art in itself, since that is when wheathering effects are applied, to the ability of the modeler.

    Best, Leif
  3. GT5500

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    Thats a fine looking propeller however I am very much of the opinion that paper models should be paper and not a load of filler and paint, obviously this is just my opinion.
  4. Gil

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    Some Observations

    Nobi, Leif,

    TAD speaks only of his method for the spinner not the propellor blades. Using CA to stiffen and harden the spinner while shaping with ever finer grits of sandpaper. An alternate method is to harden with instrument lacquer fill with magic model filler, sand, fill, sand, fill and sand. A little different but not by much. The propellors in the photos are interesting because it looks like TAD has wrapped the blade around a rolled root stalk giving the blade the thick circular contour at the root. Add a slight taper to the roll and this could prove to be very effective for making props..., TADs work is absolutely beautiful to the point that most will not believe it's made of paper. A master and his techniques will amaze no matter what preference in mediums is exercised..., -Gil

    P.S. Leif, SS Venture is on urlaub till the beginning of August waiting for the Kuntzler to arrive back...,
  5. Leif Oh

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    Right, Gil, got it. It'll be fun when we take it up again. - Leif

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