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Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by rundown, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. rundown

    rundown New Member

  2. Forensick

    Forensick New Member

    is that axe from red faction?
  3. rundown

    rundown New Member

    Yap I got to the frontpage with that on the red faction site hehe :)
    That even got me a interview in a gaming mag.

  4. Forensick

    Forensick New Member


    i came here looking for pep stuff for armour etc

    but weapons and props!!!
    omg, especially being in australia where weapon imports are so harshly dealt with!

    is the process for making weapons the same as armour, the resin, fibreglass, bondo thing?

    you wouldnt happen to have a solid eye from MGS4?
  5. rundown

    rundown New Member

    Yap thats the method.
    And no i don't have a pepakura file for that. Your better of just scratchbuilding that i think. Since the detail is so small.
  6. MIIK900

    MIIK900 New Member

    The red faction hammer looks amazing, looks very convincing. Did you use any paint for it or is it all printer texture?
  7. rundown

    rundown New Member

    I textured it myself ;)
  8. supermangt94

    supermangt94 New Member

    the stuff looks awesome, can't wait to see it ready for pep

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