Prometheus "(SPOILER ALERT!!!)"

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by DanBKing, May 20, 2012.

  1. DanBKing

    DanBKing Active Member

    Ok, the film is $h|t ...... The possible models could be outstanding......


    Changing the subject slightly...
    Anybody seen this?

    Some cool hardware in that ....But many have obvious similarities to many movies...

    There is a hint of nearly every sci-fi craft I can think of in them....

    Nice paper model possibilities there though................

    Maybe I need to start learning how to do the 'designer' bit, and find some simple software to use. But, I wouldn't have a clue where to start......!
  2. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    I'm definitely going to see it now, after everything everyone has said, I am going to be the first one to call the local Video store and reserve one for the following week provided it isn't raining or I have anything else at all going on... ---...---...--- .

    The vehicles look cool, and the ship looks like Firefly's Serenity gave Birth!! I think the models will be coming down the line.
  3. Oh, Prometheus definitely isn't "$h|t". I liked it fine. I haven't really disliked a film I saw at the movie theater since "The Spirit" several years ago (I dare anyone to say that one was good with a straight face).

    Zathros, "video store"? Which decade do live in?
  4. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    I live in a quaint New England town. I am a fox in a chicken coup! Not only do we have a video rental store, this entrepreneurial individual has set up a very successive EBAY outlet, video transfer (what ever format to whatever format, including film), and he gives me the movies to see a week before the release date, and sells me them for $8 bucks ea. when the rental "surge" has passed and he has more than two copies. I can bring this guy stuff, he throws it on EBAY for a very modest price, but in actuality, has purchased everything outright, and made a little more than I wanted, which is fine by me, "spread the wealth".

    On my 100" screen and the LCD Projector I have mounted on the ceiling, the speakers I have made (tapered 1/22 wave tubes, side profile right triangle, Fs, 29 Hz.), Dolby 7.1 surround sound, and a sub woofer (Miller& Kerisel. Fs. 14 Hz.) that puts movie theaters to shame, it's a great experience. I can run the projectors right out of either of my computers (Flight Simulator actually makes you nauseous at that size, more so than real flying, no bodily reference to visual experience).

    In am, in a way, in the past, and in the future. I have tube amplified Stereo systems for high quality audio (actually, I collect them, I have a few, I was offered $3000 dollars for my Scott LC290, and $5000 for the whole system, Gold Anodized, matched with paperwork, working from 1961), and surround sound for effect. I can still fix most of the electronics I have (electronic technician), I watch daily T.V on a 36" CRT Toshiba, but to my left within arms reach is a 24" Acer HD Monitor, visually, the monitor is bigger. It's a great place to be!! I recommend it to everyone. :p:)

    p.s. I missed "The Spirit"?, and in truth, I rarely go to the theaters, those are disappearing. Their quality isn't that good, they all run digital projectors, so the "film feeling" is lost. I have a feeling I will enjoy this movie as I am quite capable of suspending disbelief, which has led to a quite successful marriage.
  5. DanBKing

    DanBKing Active Member

    HAHAHAHAHA.... I should of tried that.........Maybe I wouldnt now be single after 5 years......

    But, I am still to learn what the word 'Nothing' acutally means...... sign1
  6. I want to come over to your house and watch movies. My setup's nothing close to that. In the Dallas area we've got some pretty good theaters, but I usually just make them for the big special effects flicks. Video stores are pretty much extinct, having been replaced by the Redbox and Netflix.
  7. DanBKing

    DanBKing Active Member

    Movies...... And everything is in 3D these days too........
  8. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    I cannot watch 3D. I have tried at every iteration, but my eyes always cue on and I end up with a really bad headache. Can't even look at it.

    Something odd about big cities is that it used to be they had everything, now, they only have what is convenient. The business model favors small towns in this regard. When you have a home theater rig, you tend to buy the movies you really want to see.

    That's still doable, with Amazon though? Especially if you wait, and if you Even live near a Walmart, you can usually get a movie for under $15 bucks or so, the first day their out? :)
  9. This may sound odd, but I've never been particularly keen on "buying" movies. I own maybe a dozen DVDs and that's it. I've long lived within walking distance of a Blockbuster until it closed and now I've got at least two $1/night Redboxes within walking distance. With our broadband, streaming video would be easy, but I've yet to bother with Netflix, still satisfied with cable.

    There are few movies that I want to see more than once and even those not very often, so ownership isn't really necessary.
  10. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Blockbuster, the killer of all the local Video rental stores, except in small towns like mine that zoned their ilk out, then, who then killed themselves. I pay almost nothing for movies. I also know how to convert almost any format into another, so even when this goes all digital, I will be able to have a hard copy. That is what is being done now. The industry does not want you to have a hard copy of anything. Welcome to the Cloud, or formerly know as vapor ware, now, vapor files. OOPS! We lost all your data! If you had paid for the ++ plan, you would have had a double digital back up! So sorry, if you pay for our Platinum Exoticus plan, we will make an indestructible copy! You pay, they burn it to a DVD and mail it back to you, for safe keeping.............................................end of line.

    The price of vinyl albums, once blamed for driving gas up, were astronomically priced though obsolete for decades, paid for the CD age, which then appeared, never delivering the promised the price break, paid for the DVD age, throwing far too many people into jail, or bankruptcy, for downloading copies of their favorite songs, which they had purchased on average twice before, vinyl album, cassette tapes, (then many of you were born), the ones who have a vague idea of what I am talking about, those that don't, I scoff at you (just kidding, revel in your youth), were born into the digital age. A gazillion proprietary formats later, and I completely jumped over these things called 8-track, Quadraphonic, Quad Surround (mixing formats, players recorders), 8 Billion Sony varieties, and these huge black boxes called VHS, S-VHS, which I did make a lot of money fixing when they cost $100 dollars, all the way down to $500, and made a few more bucks from when in the following 3 days, they dropped from $500 to throw-away-now-before-they-charge-you-more-at-the-landfill, prices. I guess I didn't jump over them after all.

    Watch how much that cloud costs!! Thank the fanboys of anything, they paid for it.

    I get my electronics or parts, from the dump(now called a "transfer station). I just got a 36" by 48" x .040" piece of sheet metal, that was ironically shaped like a washing machine? It will be the floor for my M.G.. The Amazing thing is that it is coated with porcelain on one side, and rust resistant pain on the other, so, after I scuff it up, I will, primer, paint, coat, voila la, new floors!!

    A friend of mine sold his machine shop. Through a mess up by the lawyers, the shop had no owner for 4 hrs. My friend asked if I needed any metal, as they were leaving, and did not want to leave anything behind I might need. 450 lbs. later, all were happy! :mrgreen:

  11. Dented Rick

    Dented Rick Human

    Sadly those days are gone. In the 80's I mad a killing buying peoples old vinyl when everyone wanted cassette. then in the 90's, I made a small fortune selling the vinyl back (mostly) to the same people for a heaped up price, because all of a sudden the most reliable form of musical media was a collectible.

    I didn't sell all them, I still have my fav's, and i listen to them often. Nothing sounds better than vinyl, and the kids these days will never believe or understand that, because that's not the era they grew up in. but that's ok, Nobody is perfect, yanno ;)
  12. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Funny how people talk about 3D movies but know nothing about 3d Sound? I don't mean surround sound either, that's a cacophony of sound waves hitting each other, out of phase, nothing to do with real 3D Stereo, or even Monaural 3D sound (with the right set up) sound. You would love my tube amps, and Wharfdale speakers, wife hates anything like that, but she likes the sound, so I get away with much. :)


  14. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Actually, after watching the movie, I was more impressed with it than I ended up thinking I would be. Especially as you knew they set up this team because they were expendable, though they did not know it. After the android completed his mission, he was free to do what he wished and went on further with the girl. This movie could get a sequel which could explain much. 2001 A Space Odyssey really explained nothing and was far more vague. A cut up like that video could be made of any movie with 20/20 hindsight. I didn't think it was that bad, and the special effects were excellent.

    What self respecting scientists would give up rights to do anything in such an adventure. That's why they had to get a crew that was, well, dumb, and would take orders. The whole military of many countries is based on that principle!. Funny video though. Reminds me of that "How to end Lord of the Rings in 15 minutes" satire. :)
  15. tjbmurph

    tjbmurph Member

    I enjoyed the movie far more than I thought I would, and Zathros, that is the best explanation I have heard of why the scientists weren't acting, well, like scientists
  16. While there's a little talk of a sequel, nobody involved seems at all enthusiastic about doing one. The screenwriter has said he won't be writing one and I've got a feeling Ridley Scott's interests are moving to other things. That's fine with me. This is one movie that doesn't stand up very well in your mind after a time. The longer it's been since I saw it, the lamer a movie is seems to me. If they make another one I think I'll pass.
  17. tjbmurph

    tjbmurph Member

    All that being said, I would still love to build the ship! I have no where near the skills to design it myself :/


    Build serenity and add 2 more engines...


    Interesting concept, except I can't see a mega corp wasting a trillion on a bunch of idiots (no wait, that's the government).
  20. goodduck

    goodduck Active Member

    It was not the Mega Company or government that wasted the money. It is Peter Weyland a man that got more money than GOD that wants to buy immortality at any cost. I do agree there are many holes in the move that make no sense, but I still enjoy it very much.

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