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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by FlareBaffled, May 9, 2008.

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    As promised, the third and final project for me has got underway. As well as the Warhammer and TTA models, I want to do a series of Original Series ships, all in 1:1000 scale, to a reasonably high level of detail. It is planned to make things very 'modular' to help with those who would like to kitbash odd or own designs, as well as providing a quick and easy way to produce a large selection of classic vessels.

    My chief focus before I started serious mesh work was to come up with a way of connecting nacelles and saucers so they would not droop or wobble. this is pretty important, and something I think has been overlooked in quite a few previous efforts.

    For nacelles, I have settled on a combination of internal tubes and sockets, whils saucers will use thicker card tabs into slots in the hulls. Some tubework may be incorporated where the saucer is further from the main hull. I have tested some rough designs, and am happy they will cope with the weight of the model parts.

    The 3D mesh for the saucer is just about done, and just needs it's internal bracing. Textures are on, and a test build is not far off.

    The nacelle will follow, then will come the bits that join them together.. in various shapes!

    Pictures to follow when I have them!
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    Brilliant! Really looking forward to this as I'm obviously a TOS fan! Love your approach too. I've always said that the same basic components make up many of the TOS ships, nice to see you working in a modular way, makes sense from an engineering standpoint as well.:thumb:

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