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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Cummins, May 4, 2005.

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    Hi everyone!
    My first (and hopefully not last) post here. I'm new to Railway Modelling but no stranger to static modelling which I have been doing for 10 years (80% of my life! :p ). Due to space regulations, I have chosen N gauge as my chosen scale. The area I have is in my bedroom. It is 10'x4' with an extra 2x2 1/2' section on the right hand side for further expansion. I will try and add images soon.

    I would like to model Auropean Line in a circuit. I am not a big man (literally! :oops: ) for research and will not be basing it on a real site. Instead, it will be set in a fictional town in Germany (or somewhere else) and I need some inspiration for ideas/research plans. I have decided to base it on the era of around the 1890-1950s when there was large express trains in use. One of the problems is budget. I intend to buy a train (for scale purposes) and all the track. This will allow me to build the board and scenery and wiring, meaning all I have to then do is buy rolling stock and controller/transformer/other electric accessories etc. My up front budget is around £150-£250. This must account for wood, one locomotive (preferably a smaller freight) and obviously the track/scenery/any other expenses. When I have the board set up, then I will invest in a good controller.

    At the moment, I am considering a double loop layout which is a simplified version of a track I found in a book devised for 10x2 1/2'. It is interesting because it has a loop which can reverse the direction of the train and swap lanes so that both loops are running in opposite directions. It will become clear what I mean when I upload pics.

    The frame is going to a be 2x1" timbre with 9mm plywood beams. The baseboard is going to be 1/2" insulating board. The layout can be fixed. I would like to incorporate some drawers into the frame for storage of tools etc.

    What do you think of my plan so far? I have been working up to this since June 2004 and I have now decided to actually do some action. Please comment/critisise/insult/suggest etc at your own will.

    Thanks alot,
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    Hey Chris!
    Welcome to the guage! Sounds like you have a pretty neat N scale layout planned. I hope your budget will be enough. Whatever you do, try to put enough aside to get a quality locomotive. If the engine don't run, the train don't run, the frustration of dealing with a marginally functioning locomotive can be enough to drive you out of the hobby.
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    Thanks. From previous experience with RC Cars, I realise that the most crucial time in the whole hobby (financially wise) is the first two weeks were you place your first order.

    My mind is currently realing over the options of either an American Express line or a German complex line with those lovely huge engines. I know the German idea will be the most expensive by far. The train I'm looking at for a first one is a Drg Tank Loco Cl62. It's huge! Its made by Fleischmann with product code 7053 at £115.55 from It's a 4-6-4 I think.

    Again, I will try and get pics as soon as possible. If I choose the German location, I will try and make nice bendy, curving smoothe lines and lots of close trach work wheras if I go for the American I will keep it to long shallow curves and long straihgts for lots of speed.

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